Yoga Teacher Training
An intensive 15 day yoga emersion for wellness professionals, bodyworkers, health coaches, healers and yoga lovers who want to deepen their understanding of yoga, bring more balance and healing into their own lives and learn how to encorporate the mind-body connection into their other healing modalities.

Heal Yourself | Go Deeper | Change Lives
Get Certified: March 18 - April 2, 2020
Vancouver, WA
Only 14 Spots Available
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Deepen Your Impact!
This training is just as much about your own personal transformation as it is about learning how to encorporate the mind-body connection into your work with clients and into your yoga practice. This is about you, going deeper, learning more about your body, your mind, and your spirit than you ever have so that you can help others do the same. Unlocking what's stuck, recognizing your patterns of thought, movement, and tension, and unwinding some of your deepest layers of soul tension through yoga, movement, touch, and mindfulness.  Oh . . and you'll learn how to teach the most dynamic, beautiful, soulful yoga class that feels like Y.O.U. for either groups or personal one on one settings.

Imagine 15 consecutive days of: 
Morning yoga intensives and afternoon workshops with two-three expert teachers!
Dynamic yoga practice with hands on assists to release tension & re-pattern behavior.
Morning ceremony, breath work and chanting 
Meditation, community, study, practice, teaching, and application  

15 days of complete and total transformation
Come as your are, leave a certified instructor; more connected to yourself, your purpose, and your abilities to hold space 

You are going to LOVE this! 

Here's What You'll Learn:
The Science of the Practice
  • The History of Hatha
  • The Vinyasa Tradition
  • Forest Yoga & Ceremony 
  • The Physical Body: Anatomy, Fascia, & The Nervous System
  • ​Positive Psychology/Mindfulness/Gratitude 
  • ​Teaching Methodology
  • ​Ancient Texts and Tradition
The Energy Body 
  • Creating Sacred Space
  • ​Lifestyle/Ayurveda/The Inner Healer

  • ​Meditation and Subconscious Re-Programming 
  • ​The Energy Body, Energy Systems, & Yoga

  • ​Journey Through The Chakras

  • ​Chants / Mantra 
  • ​Breath & Prana 
  • ​Bandhas
  • ​Mudras

Tension Patterns & Soul Healing
  • Yoga & Bodywork: The New "Energy Medicine"
  • Dural Matter & Soul Tension Release
  • Identify Patterns of Tension In The Body & How to Use Somatic Re-Education to Unwind
  • Foam Rolling and Fascial Release 
  • Using Yoga & Asana to reprogram Tension Patterns & Heal Pain & Emotional Stress 
      Teaching a Personalized Yoga
      • Finding Your Voice
 / Cuing
      • ​3 Systems of Sequencing & Developing Your Own Style 
      • ​Pranayama 
      • ​8 Limbs of Yoga
      • ​Guided Meditation / Imagery
      • ​Hands-on Assists | Hands-off Assists
      • ​Pre & Post Natal Yoga
      • ​Yoga For Trauma & Mental Health 
: Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Inclusivity 
      • ​Business of Yoga lead by successful yoga business owners.  
      • ​Building residual income and creating your own unique offering. 
      Meet Your Teacher Trainers!
      Meet Danielle, ERYT500 and the founder and owner of Omhaven! She is a certified experienced yoga instructor, intuitive energy practitioner, and bodyworker known for her Immersive Wellness Experiences and Yoga Bodywork Teacher Trainings. It is her personal mission to ignite radical self love in her students, trust in their power of intuition, and belief in their bodies self healing capacity. She believes that we are each here with unique gifts to serve, and by tapping into our intuition and listening to our bodies we find guidance, clarity, purpose, and true healing. Danielle is trained in yoga bodywork, Hatha & Vinyasa yoga, Mindful Yoga for Trauma and Addiction, and Personal Nutrition. She also brings her experience with facia, energy work, vibration sound therapy, and Forrest yoga into the classroom as support for the bodies ability to self heal. 15 years ago, Danielle had her own encounter with chronic illness and 2 car accidents. What started as an hour long vinyasa class of laying on her back (completely frustrated with her pain, illness, and extreme fatigue), turned into a key strategy for healing, and has turned into her life’s work.  She brings her passion as an entrepreneur and healer to this training giving you an inside peak in how to create your own kind of success, balance, and true health through yoga.  Her style is intuitive with a focus on re-patterning subconscious programming, expanding the way we actively love ourselves and others, and how to use yoga to bring balance back to the physical body through deep personal understanding of tension patterns in our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  Most importantly, she hopes to hold space in a way that allows you to meet yourself exactly as you are, unwind what’s stuck, and learn how to choose compassion and love over fear and limitation. 

      Meet Joey!  She is a successful psychologist running a private practice and traveling teacher trainer to boot! She loves to help her students challenge their thought patterns, embrace more gratitude, love their bodies, and feel more deeply into their emotions. Her priority as a teacher is to ensure that each of her students feels safe to connect to their body, spirit and physical practice.  She treats and holds space for student to identify and embrace their full potential self, while practicing with breath, integrity, postural alignment and connection to feeling.  She encourages student to "go inside" and travel their own personal terrain, in a way that is compassionate, kind and struggle free. 
      Commonly Asked Questions:
      What style of yoga will I learn to teach?
      This training is influenced by many styles of yoga and will help you find your own personal expression of the practice. There is a heavy influence of Forest, Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, Restorative, and Yin yoga to name just a few. This fusion of yoga styles will help you develop a diverse approach to creating unique sequences that are safe and effective for your and your students.

      I just want to deepen my practice and not necessarily teach, can I take the program?
      Absolutely!! There is no better way to deepen your own practice than taking a 200 hr training like this one!

      What are the days like?
      They are long and beautiful. We will be moving our bodies, using our minds, and doing lots of hands on work with you. Every morning will start with a practice and ceremony lead by one of our master instructors, we'll break for lunch each day, and follow it up with an afternoon of intensive trainings/interactive lecture/movement/& application. This is a very hands on active teacher training with plenty of room and space to rest and listen to your body. Some days we may practice outside, visit the gorge, hike, spend time in the sun near the river or a lake, and soak in the beauty of the pacific north west!

      How much does the training cost?
      We work with you to find a price point that is fair and manageable!! Most importantly, if this is the training for you, we want to help you make it happen! Apply for a free consultation and we'll go from there! 

      How much yoga experience is required to take this training?
      No experience is required to take this training although it is helpful to have practiced yoga for a few months leading up to it to hep you get the most out of the experience.  

      Will I be qualified to teach yoga after this training? Where can I teach after I'm certified?
      After completing this training you will be certified through a yoga allegiance approved school which means you will be certified to teach yoga wherever you like!

      What Our Students Have Said About Us:
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