Your Radical Self Love Retreat
Feb 8-12
A full emersion in radical self love. Meditation, Yoga, Soul food, The art of touch, tons of fresh fruit, self love practices, manifestation, beach therapy, traditional ceremonies of healing, and a steady unraveling of all that stifles the soul <3 
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Soulistic freedOM: (n) an abundant state of living where body mind and spirit thrive at their highest vibration; bliss; limitless happiness, health and freedom from the inside out.

This retreat is about coming back to your truth, tapping into your purpose, finding your flow, and making a new family that will last a life time. 

5 days of radical self love complete with tons of tropical fruit, daily meditation, bodywork, yoga, traditional mayan ceremony, beach time, and nourishing uplifting vulnerability. . . . its all about tapping into that unconditional self love that shifts your entire world, manifests your purpose, and creates an unmeasurable amount of joy and ease. Who's interested?! We are going to the riviera maya this feb! You coming with?
Just A Few Highlights:

Yoga + Meditation

Daily practices that focuses on the theme of self love, exploration, and empowerment from the heart. 

Bodywork + Self Love

Daily workshops to open energy, heal the soul, and deepen your truth.

Mayan Temezcal
& Moonlight Dip

Experience the magic of the traditional Mayan Sweat Lodge

Food That Heals 

Fill up on tropical fruit, clean eating, and learn about the power of eating to thrive.

Sacred Cenote Swim

Mayan underground rivers that preserve the magic of ancient mayan wisdom and ceremony.  

City and Beach Exploration

See Tulum through the eyes of locals, you get your own bike all week, beach time, dancing, and freedom!  

The Sample Schedule
Day 1
15:00 Arrivals / check-in
16:30 Post-flight Restorative yoga
19:00 Open Heart ceremony
20:00 Welcome dinner
21:00 Guided meditation
Day 2 - 4
07:30 Coffee / tea / fruit
08:00 Greet the Sun Meditation
08:30 Yoga
10:00 Breakfast
11:00 Workshop
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Excursion/exploration/free time
17:00 Dinner
20:00 Evening Yoga/Ceremony or Evening Yoga/Meditation
21:00 Free Time

Day 5
06:20 Coffee / tea / Fruit
08:00 Yoga
09:00 Breakfast
10:00 Closing circle
12:00 Departures
What's Included
1 post-flight Restorative yoga session on the first day
1 Private Healing Session
Sound Healing + Yoga
4 breakfasts, 3 lunches, and 2 dinners
4 nights’ accommodation
5 relaxing meditation practices
Beach walk
Bike Rental And Exploration of Beaches and Town
Daily yoga sessions +
Inner Peace Workshop
Self Love Workshop
Manifest Your Future Workshop
Mayan temazcal ceremony and moonlight dip
Sacred Cenote swim and town excursion
Discounts on Dive and Snorkel Excursions
Internet Access
Food will all be gluten free, sugar free, dairy free whole foods.  We can accommodate for all allergies . . I'm a pro ;-)
Not Included But Suggested
Flights to and from
Transportation to and from the airport
Snacks & 2 Dinners
Swimming With Turtles
Exploring Mayan Ruins
Meet Your Instructor: This is Danielle!
Danielle is owner of The Yoga Barre, founder of Soulistic Freedom and love warrior on a mission to heal the world through all things nourishing and loving. 

Having traveled 15 countries, lived abroad, and become at home in TULUM she is fluent in spanish and well connected to the local community.  She can't wait to give you an authentic and once in a life time experience in the Riviera Maya.

Danielle spends all her free time learning new ways to heal and thrive and leading others to trust their internal healer. She's a total wellness warrior who has racked up quite the list of credentials! Helping countless people heal from auto imune disease, reclaim their energy, free their soul, find their purpose, and live their truth in a state of unconditional self love and soulistic freedom. She's yoga certified in hatha and vinyasa flow for all levels, certified in mindful yoga for trauma and addiction, barre certified, a certified yoga body worker, personal nutrition certified, and most importantly she's got a fire in her heart to creating lasting changing ;-) 
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